Savoy Night at Crystal Ballroom with Don't Tell Dan and The Rubin Brothers + Lindy Hop dance contest

By Savoy Night (other events)

Tuesday, December 21 2021 6:00 PM 10:00 PM EST

This show features not one, but two bands: Don't Tell Dan and The Rubin Brothers!

Don’t Tell Dan was formed by all former students of Dan Gabel’s and the Worcester Youth Orchestras program. This young, versatile, and talented group has a fresh and danceable sound with a large repertoire. Fronted by bassist/vocalist Ava Johnson, the group features brothers Zac and Jake Brennan, Dominic Porcelli on drums, and Ash Norris on keys. Who knows, they may even have a special guest joining them, but, shh! Don’t tell Dan!

Making their Savoy Night debut, The Rubin Brothers present an evening of classic swing and holiday dance music! Complete with their trademark humorous stage antics and a dance competition, they’ll be joined by talented pianist Nika Ko and the inimitable Dan Gabel on drums to make an evening of merriment you won’t forget!

Warning: Your toes will start tapping and you may feel an urge to dance on the shiny new wooden floor in the beautiful ballroom!

Dance lesson

Want to learn how to swing dance? We got you. We start the evening with an introductory lindy hop dance lesson, available to those who sign up, from 6 to 7pm.

We will get you up and dancing with an introduction to basic lindy hop six-count and eight-count footwork patterns, partner connection, and moving between open and closed position. The aim of this lesson is to give you the tools you need to express yourself to the music and have fun in a dance partnership. No partner required to join the lesson. Dancers will be required to wear a mask while dancing.

Mix-and-match Lindy hop contest!

As the contest begins, leaders and followers will be matched up by picking a name out of a hat. Each pair of dancers will then improvise a social dance to a short recording of uptempo swing music. Judges will be looking for connection between partners, technique, musicality, creativity, and a playful exchange of ideas. We make no attempt to define “lindy hop”, and welcome the incorporation of fresh moves into this dance style, in keeping with its heritage in the Savoy Ballroom of Harlem in the 1930’s and 1940’s, where the original Lindy hoppers would always be up to new shenanigans! (Air steps are not allowed, sorry.)

After the first round, two couples will be chosen to dance it out for first prize in the final round to live music. The final round will occur later in the second live set. The two winning contestants—the leader and the follower in the winning couple—both earn their very own choice of dance shoes from Teddy Shoes! 

If you are entering the dance contest, be sure to buy the ticket associated with the role you wish to compete in. Please buy a "Mix-and-match lindy hop contest" ticket for the role you wish to compete in (lead or follow). Contest ticket price includes entry to the show. If you are competing, please arrive at the ballroom by 7:00pm. The first round of the contest will be around 8:30pm.


Presented by The American Big Band Preservation Society, Inc.


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